5 tips to get more Instagram stories views

How to increase your Instagram stories views

Do you use Instagram stories for business?

Instagram stories have really started to explode in the last 6 months and using the stories feature is a great way to increase the engagement for your account. 

Navigating your way around all of the features on Instagram stories can be challenging, so here I have gathered together 5 great way to increase the views and engagement on your story posts.


get more instagram stories views


Use the ‘@mention’ sticker to tag other users or you can use the text function to ‘@’ tag their username. 

Mentioning another account is a great way to network, show your appreciation or acknowledge another account. Their account will get a notification that you have tagged them and they can also choose to repost your story.


You can add hashtags by typing them in the text or by using the sticker. You can add up to 10 hashtags on a story if typed – but only 1 hashtag sticker.
By adding hashtags to your story, there is the possibility that your story will feature in the hashtag search and reach new users.


When you add a location sticker to your Instagram Story, it can help you get featured in Instagram’s story search for that location.

Using a broader location (such as a county, rather than town) can help increase the views by up to 5 times.


Use some of the fun and interactive sticker elements (polls, swipe meter or questions) Instagram have included to encourage engagement. 

Using these elements helps your audience to interact with your content and can also give you feedback, build relationships and help with future ideas.


How often are you posting new content to your stories? You should be posting on your stories at least once a day – and ideally several times a day.
When you upload a new story to your Instagram Stories, a pink circle appears around your profile image. Anyone browsing Instagram who come across your profile will notice this pink circle, and see that you have something new to view there.

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