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I am a North Devon, UK, based amateur (hobbyist/enthusiast) photographer, Instagrammer with over 16,000 followers and an influencer.

My main passion is seascapes and landscapes, although recently I have found new enjoyment in doing more event, portrait and wedding photography.

I was an early adopter of the Instagram social media platform.  I have been on Instagram virtually since its first inception (although I did have a two-year hiatus). Over time it has become my social media of choice and I find it is the best platform for sharing my photographic work. For me, it acts as my portfolio, my gallery, as well as a source of information, inspiration and motivation.

My passion for Instagram led me to write an eBook aiming to help photographers maximise their use of Instagram.  I also offer helpful Instagram tips and information via this site or through my secondary @kistogram Instagram account [follow me].
I regularly host Instagram Workshops, training and 1 to 1 coaching.

Photo recognition and competition wins

I have had Instagram features and competition wins by numerous brands and hubs, including Canon UK, Jessops, Manfrotto, Telegraph UK, Ordnance Survey and Visit Scotland. I was a Jessops #ShareYourSummer winner in 2016 – with my photo being featured in the window of every Jessops store across the UK. Holiday Cottages listed me in their 10 UK instagram accounts to follow in 2018. I was also featured in the January 2017 issue of Digital Photo magazine as their Instagram Hero.

Influencer and collaborations

I also work as an influencer for brands – promoting and sharing their products via my social media feeds including Huawei, NextBase, Expedia, Starburst and Adobe. Please contact me for more information or for my Media Kit.

Partner Pages

Instagram accounts @kistography,  @kistogram (for Instagram news, info and advice).

I am also a moderator for @loveforsomerset

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