I popped my long haul cherry!

First time long haul flight musings!

This is the first time I have ever flown long haul and it is proving to be an enlightening experience! As I write this, according to the techno wizardry on the screen in front of me, I have flown 2583 miles and I’m currently 37,000 feet above Chelyabinsk (wherever that is?), with 3100 miles left to travel.

1) For weeks I had been suffering ‘anxious, avoidant suitcase attachment disorder’. My mind chewing over what would happen to my precious little pink fella as I travelled between airports from Heathrow > Amsterdam > China > Cambodia. Well guess what…my cheeky little rectangular bag of possessions is making it’s own way there, shadowing me along the route, hopefully meeting me at my destination! How’s about that?!

2) I’m a tech geek kind of girl, so also causing me worry was charging up my various gadgets (the tablet I’m writing this on, my kindle and my iPhone). Well who’d have thunked that in this day and age planes would come equipped with USB charging points… Evidently, not me as Schipol Airport mugged me off £18 for a European power adapter plug!

3) With an 11 hour flight I figured the sensible thing to do, would be to get some sleep… I mean the airline kindly provides a wafer thin blanket, a dwarf size pillow, a scratchy eye mask, ever so slightly reclining chairs, a playlist of soothing and enchanting whale song, seats that only jus accommodate your average size 12 Westener… and luckily for me they also provided me with two adjacent passengers who were more than happy to hog the arm rests for the entire 11 hours! With such comfort afforded to me, I’m sure you can tell I was very appreciative of my two ten minute power naps!

On the subject of arm rests…what’s the deal, because in theatres, cinemas and on planes I always seem to dip out on that front? Answers on a postcard!

4) Nobody needs or should have to endure a hangry Kim. Conscious of avoiding this predicament and oblivious to the seemingly continual provision of free airline meals (having only ever flown budget airlines previously), at Schipol Airport, I decided to grab something to eat. I opted for some unidentified chickeny pizza. Little did I realise I’d get hot meals during each flight. We had two on the 11 hour stretch.

5) …On arrival at Schipol, I was very diligent and checked the departure boards to ensure they married up to the gate information printed on my ticket… ’07’. They did, so I settled myself down for the two hour wait beside ‘Departures 07′, at a charging point (with the aforementioned, gold plated(?), £18 power adapter), to charge my phone and make use of the free Wi-fi. Whilst guzzling down my UI chicken pizza, out of curiosity I thought I’d browse the Schipol Airport website to see what departure information they had for my flight. As I scrolled down, I was immediately perplexed to see that my flight was open for boarding. I looked across at gate 07 and the boards were showing a New York flight.

Confused, I thought I’d look at the airport map. To my horror, I quickly discovered that Schipol Airport was in fact EIGHT times bigger than I’d realised, with gates A through to H! D didn’t actually stand for departures after all! A quick scan of the map revealed I needed G07… Which was over the other frickin’ side of the airport! I hot footed it over there (as fast as one could without looking like a muppet who’d been sat at the wrong gate for the last two hours)! Punctuality is something I pride myself on and I still managed to make it to the (correct) gate with 20 minutes to spare! PHEW! That was a close shave.

6) on a final point….Note to self. China blocks every social media…so no Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp or Twitter for me!! I had to go all retro, old school and people watch there instead!

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