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Instagram account audit. During an Instagram audit, I will analyse your current Instagram presence to look at the main features and then recommend tweaks and improvements to help improve your strategy.


Kistography Services-Instagram AuditIf you already have an Instagram account but would like an audit of the current page then this is for you. I will measure the success of the account, suggest ways to improve it and recommend a strategy for you to implement

I will dissect your account from the set up of your bio to the captions you write and the hashtags you use, to ensure you are giving the best value to your audience. By examining your posts in detail I will help you maximise your account for the Instagram algorithm. I can also explore competitors and help you to identify target audiences.



During an Instagram audit, I will analyse your current Instagram presence to look at the main features and then recommend tweaks and improvements to help improve your strategy.

Here are some of the areas I will evaluate:

  • Does your Instagram presence represent you/your business?
  • Do you have a consistent theme and overall concept for your content?
  • Have you optimised your profile?
  • Overall, is your Instagram content consistent, high quality and relevant?
  • Your posting and hashtag strategy
  • Are you using stories effectively?
  • Are you paying attention to and writing relevant captions that enhance your photos?
  • Do you follow accounts that are aligned, relevant and inspiring?

You will receive the audit (a minimum of 10 pages) within 3-5 working days of payment.

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5 reviews for Instagram Account Audit

  1. Andreas R

    Kim performed an audit of my Instagram account a couple of weeks ago. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Kim is extremely knowledgeable regarding every aspect of Instagram and her turnaround time was incredible!

  2. Joe J

    A fantastic external opinion into how to shape your Instagram account. Would strongly recommend this service to anyone wishing to make their image look slightly more professional!

  3. Amy Wing

    Kim did a fantastic Instagram audit for my business (Amy Wing Designs) that provided both constructive feedback about what I was already doing, as well as useful ideas about what I could do in the future. Going forward I plan on implementing the strategies she suggested in order to improve my account!

  4. Tyke

    Having been working with Kim for a few months (basically asking advice) I jumped on this Audit to see what I could improve on and what I was doing wrong. The audit was complete in a few days and ten pages of amazing detail arrived.

    Taking in the tips from the audit and a few changes from myself has seen my engagement improve and my account drastically increased in engaged followers. Well worth the time and investment. Doesn’t stop with the audit too sees a good alround person happy to reply to question.

  5. Andy C

    There are any number of ‘experts’ offering help on how to build followers on Instagram and I was wary of who I should ask. I was impressed by Kim’s openness, the fact she has taken the trouble to produce an ebook on the subject while the numbers on her own account told their own convincing story.

    I paid for an audit. It was quickly produced, bore down on the key points and really focused my scattergun approach. She referenced a number of apps and websites providing assistance (for example with scheduling of posts) that I had not heard of and gave me new impetus and direction.

    In short, the audit was well worth the expense and did exactly what I hoped it would. Several weeks later I still find myself returning to it to make sure I remain on track. I have no hesitation in recommending Kim’s service.

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