benefits of an instagram audit

What are the benefits of an Instagram audit?

Why is it useful to audit your Instagram account?

benefits of an instagram audit

Are you wondering if your Instagram account is working well?

Do you want to evaluate what’s working…and what’s not?

Does your account feel a bit stagnated?

An Instagram audit is a detailed review/assessment of everything related to your Instagram page. An audit looks closely at all elements of your account – to review and assess their effectiveness.

Instagram is constantly evolving as a platform and an audit will allow you to ensure that you are keeping up to date with all of the changes and optimising your account.

An Instagram Audit will help you:

  • Optimise your profile and bio.
  • Discover if your goals/objectives are being met
  • Present a clear picture of your current efforts
  • Review your analytics to influence the strategy you use
  • Evaluate which content is performing well
  • Assess the quality of your content
  • Gain understanding of the engagement from your users
  • Explore how you are interacting with your community

A detailed Instagram audit will cover the following elements:

  • Profile/bio
  • Content (feed and stories)
  • Community
  • Strategy
  • Business/brand image

A full Instagram audit may seem intimidating, but completing one ensures you have optimised your page, that your branding is effective and that you are being consistent.


Kistography Services-Instagram Audit

Instagram Account Audit

If you already have an Instagram account and would like an audit of the current page then this is for you.
I will measure the success of the account, suggest ways to improve it and recommend a strategy for you to implement. All provided in an extensive report document.

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