Optimise your page for organic growth and engagement

10 ways to optimise your Instagram for organic growth and engagement

Looking to improve your Instagram presence?

Optimise your page for organic growth and engagement

Engagement matters on social media platforms. Have you noticed a recent drop in your engagement – or are you looking for ways to improve your overall Instagram presence?

I’m going to share 10 ways for you to optimise your page for organic growth and engagement.

1. Embrace your colour scheme.

Think about the overall look of how your brand’s colour scheme and aesthetics work together on the Instagram grid.  Using a clearly defined colour scheme will help make your brand stand out to new Instagram profile visitors. 

Read more about creating great aesthetics.

2. Highlight your stories

The majority of your Instagram accounts profile views will come from new users/non-followers.

Use the highlights function to categorise your story content and to continue to tell your brand story. Name each highlight with a clear, short title and add icons to match your colour scheme.

Discover how you can use your stories highlights better

3. Refresh your hashtags

Make sure that you are regularly refreshing and updating the hashtags that you are using. Ideally, you should rotate through new hashtags each time that you post. You can have up to 30 hashtags per post – each time you could keep 15 the same and switch in 15 new ones.

Learn more about using hashtags 

4. Carry out an Instagram audit

A full Instagram audit may seem intimidating, but completing one ensures you have optimised your page, that your branding is effective and that you are being consistent. An audit will allow you to ensure that you are keeping up to date with all of the changes and optimising your account.

Why carry out an Instagram audit?

5. Use your best images

For an optimised account you should be sharing the very best of your photos or videos. If someone clicks onto your profile the first thing they are likely to do is to browse through the first 9 – 12 of your most recent images. It is important that these photos give a great first impression or a representation of who you are.


6. Engage with others

Instagram is a SOCIAL media platform, so a big part of getting the most from it is by being social yourself! The more social you are on there, the more people will interact and be social back!

One basic but powerful way to interact with people, find inspiration and to gain new followers is to ‘like’ other users photos and like comments on your posts. Take the time to respond to comments and interact.

7. Always add a Geotag/Location

Make sure that you Geotag your posts.
Locations are displayed at the top of each Instagram post once they’re published, right beneath the username. You can tap any location to be taken to its Photo Map page, which shows a collection of all the photos and videos from people who geotagged them to that specific place.

8. Check your insights

You can get a lot of useful information from your analytics – discover which posts are doing well, optimum times to post (based on when your users are online) and your users’ demographics. Make sure that you regularly check on your insights to find out what is working well so that you can replicate that content.

9. Vary your captions

Captions are a great way to engage with your audience. Experiment with different styles for the caption text – you could use quotes, questions, call to action (CTA) or tell a story about the image or yourself.

Explore how to up your caption game.

10. Keep on top of the latest features

Instagram regularly roll out new features so it is important to keep up to date with their latest updates. Ensure you have the app updates turned on.

Follow my @Kistogram page to keep up to date


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benefits of an instagram audit

What are the benefits of an Instagram audit?

Why is it useful to audit your Instagram account?

benefits of an instagram audit

Are you wondering if your Instagram account is working well?

Do you want to evaluate what’s working…and what’s not?

Does your account feel a bit stagnated?

An Instagram audit is a detailed review/assessment of everything related to your Instagram page. An audit looks closely at all elements of your account – to review and assess their effectiveness.

Instagram is constantly evolving as a platform and an audit will allow you to ensure that you are keeping up to date with all of the changes and optimising your account.

An Instagram Audit will help you:

  • Optimise your profile and bio.
  • Discover if your goals/objectives are being met
  • Present a clear picture of your current efforts
  • Review your analytics to influence the strategy you use
  • Evaluate which content is performing well
  • Assess the quality of your content
  • Gain understanding of the engagement from your users
  • Explore how you are interacting with your community

A detailed Instagram audit will cover the following elements:

  • Profile/bio
  • Content (feed and stories)
  • Community
  • Strategy
  • Business/brand image

A full Instagram audit may seem intimidating, but completing one ensures you have optimised your page, that your branding is effective and that you are being consistent.


Kistography Services-Instagram Audit

Instagram Account Audit

If you already have an Instagram account and would like an audit of the current page then this is for you.
I will measure the success of the account, suggest ways to improve it and recommend a strategy for you to implement. All provided in an extensive report document.

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get more instagram stories views

5 tips to get more Instagram stories views

How to increase your Instagram stories views

Do you use Instagram stories for business?

Instagram stories have really started to explode in the last 6 months and using the stories feature is a great way to increase the engagement for your account. 

Navigating your way around all of the features on Instagram stories can be challenging, so here I have gathered together 5 great way to increase the views and engagement on your story posts.


get more instagram stories views


Use the ‘@mention’ sticker to tag other users or you can use the text function to ‘@’ tag their username. 

Mentioning another account is a great way to network, show your appreciation or acknowledge another account. Their account will get a notification that you have tagged them and they can also choose to repost your story.


You can add hashtags by typing them in the text or by using the sticker. You can add up to 10 hashtags on a story if typed – but only 1 hashtag sticker.
By adding hashtags to your story, there is the possibility that your story will feature in the hashtag search and reach new users.


When you add a location sticker to your Instagram Story, it can help you get featured in Instagram’s story search for that location.

Using a broader location (such as a county, rather than town) can help increase the views by up to 5 times.


Use some of the fun and interactive sticker elements (polls, swipe meter or questions) Instagram have included to encourage engagement. 

Using these elements helps your audience to interact with your content and can also give you feedback, build relationships and help with future ideas.


How often are you posting new content to your stories? You should be posting on your stories at least once a day – and ideally several times a day.
When you upload a new story to your Instagram Stories, a pink circle appears around your profile image. Anyone browsing Instagram who come across your profile will notice this pink circle, and see that you have something new to view there.

Instagram new features - May 2018

Instagram Pods / Engagement groups

What is an Instagram pod/Engagement group?

During one of my IGTV videos I mentioned Instagram pods / engagement groups. This sparked an interest from a few people who had never heard about them – and also it triggered a few people who don’t like the concept. I thought I’d take the opportunity to explain a bit more about them and detail some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Simply put – An Instagram pod/Engagement group is a group of instagrammers that exchange engagement on posts.

Why use an engagement group?

Engagement groups, also known as pods came about following the introduction of the algorithm on Instagram. When you first share a post to Instagram, they serve that post to a small percentage of your total audience. Based on how that post performs with a small group of people (in addition to quite a few other factors such as caption contents, network, etc.), Instagram will grade the quality of your content. This “score” determines how your post is delivered in the feed as well as in the Discover tab. By using pods, users can increase the volume of engagement they are receiving in the small testing window, and therefore increasing your content’s “score”.

What is engagement?

Engagement is the number of people who like, comment or save your work as a ratio of your followers at the time of posting.

Instagram new features - May 2018

What are the advantages of an engagement group?

Engagement groups/pods are a way to ‘play’ the algorithm, by communities of like-minded Instagrammers teaming up to interact with each other’s posts. They work best when everyone has a similar interest/genre and when everybody participating in these groups is willing to like and/or comment on other members’ posts in exchange for their own posts getting liked and/or commented. 
If immediately after posting get 10 genuine likes and sincere comments, it can be a very good thing for the engagement on your page.

Engagement pods can:

  • Increase the amount of likes and comments
  • Increase organic reach in the feed
  • Increase the chances of your post ending up on Discover
  • Be a positive community

The disadvantages of engagement groups.

Instagram engagement groups take a lot of investment of your time and the notifications can become overwhelming. You need to be committed to contributing to the group. If the group is not managed well, some users can take advantage – and demand more from the other users (compared to what they give back).
There’s a big risk of members not genuinely being interested in your content and the comments will be generic and lack authenticity. There’s nothing worse than fake engagement.
There has been suggestions that users get what is called a ‘shadow ban’ for being part of an engagement group – however Instagram have recently said that there is no such thing as a shadow ban!

What apps are used for engagement groups?

There are a number of social apps people use to manage a pod. Which one you choose will depend on the group preference:

  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram
  • Slack
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook Groups
  • Instagram messenger (limited to 15 people)

What's the problem?

Why are people triggered by engagement groups? 

Some people frown upon engagement groups as they are considered a bit sneaky and users don’t generally ‘announce’ when they are part of a group.

Many users are ‘purist’ and believe that it’s deviating from the ‘pure’ way of organically using Instagram.

How do I find an engagement pod?

This is probably the trickiest element of engagement groups. They’re not usually openly shared and they can be hard to find.

  • Network with other accounts within your niche
  • Join Instagram-related Facebook groups. 
  • Search Twitter for mentions of Engagement Pods
  • Read the Instagram Subreddit
  • Google it! 

My personal experience of using engagement groups

I have, during the last 8 months – been a member of approx 4 different engagement groups/pods. I left two of them within a couple days as they were not particularly something I wanted to be associated with. They were not really niche, they had awkward or inefficient rules (such as you could only share a post when you had liked and commented on the previous 6 posts… which was great until there wasn’t 6 posts for you to engage with). They were far to prescriptive and quite frankly…fake! I stumbled on these groups by googling.
One other pod I was invited to, was made up of a group of photographers from my region (Devon, UK) – however the group slowly dwindled to nothing and unfortunately it then became ineffective.
The final engagement group which I was also invited to – which I am still an active member of, has become a small Instagram sub community and offers a lot more than just being an ‘engagement group’. What makes this group work so well is that we are all aligned in our style of photography – many of us live within the South West of the UK (although we have members across the UK and overseas) and we all genuinely have an interest in each others photography. The group has expanded to offer technical support, image reviews and general chit chat. I would consider the members ‘insta-friends’. Several members have met in real life to. For me – this is what a true engagement group should be about – the likes/comments/engagement are a bonus because I get so much more from being part of it.
It is also worth noting – that I have seen little impact on my engagement from being part of the group. I believe this is because I have such a large following – 5 or 6 people commenting/liking my photo is not really going to have a huge impact.

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The ultimate UK Business hashtag list

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Ultimate Hashtag list for photographers

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Private Instagram account

Can making your Instagram account private get you more followers?

Back in July I read an article by The Atlantic where they explained why some big meme Instagram pages were making their accounts private and how that going private had made their follower growth explode. I found this strategy intriguing so out of curiosity, I thought I’d like to experiment with it myself.

What is a private Instagram account?

When you make an Instagram account private, the content is hidden from public view and only your followers can see it. You can control the visibility of your account in settings. Select account privacy and then toggle on Private Account. People will then have to send you a follow request if they want to see your posts.

If your account is private, when you add hashtags to a post – your post will only show up to the people who follow you.

Why switch to private?

There are some potential benefits to switching to private – but they are only really applicable to certain types of account. If you run a general photography account or a business trying to sell products, it’s probably not the right option for you. If however, you have certain types of desirable content, it’s could be a useful strategy for you to use.

  1. It can help you get more followers.If you offer information (such as that on my @kistogram page) people will want access to your information. If it is on public view, they can see it without having to follow you. By making the account private, you secure that content to only those who commit to follow you. Therefore, if people really want what you have to offer, they will follow you. This is why it has been such a successful strategy for the meme accounts – which work on people sharing their memes.
  2. Secure your content .By making your account private, people will not have such free access to the content you are sharing and in that respect your content is a bit more protected.
  3. Retaining your followers.You’re more likely to keep the followers you have if the account is private because if someone unfollows, they would need to send a follow request to you again if they changed their mind. This acts as a deterrent for people unfollowing.

Private Instagram account experiment results.

On 21st July I decided I would experiment with making my @kistogram account private to see if it made any difference to my account growth. Prior to switching to private, this account averaged about 30 new followers a month (or around 1 a day). At the time of switching to private I had 953 followers.

After two weeks the account had grown to 1066 followers

After six weeks the account now stands at 1112 followers. A growth of 156 followers.

That means I’ve gained an average of around 105 followers a month or 3.78 a day. Three times the previous growth. Obviously the account hasn’t sky rocketed but switching to private is the only strategy I have changed and used.

I didn’t carry out any other growth strategies during this time – so I wasn’t being particularly active from that account in the same way I would be for my @kistography. As the account is private, hashtags aren’t effective in growth either. The only strategy I used was to announce new posts on my @kistography account stories.

I’m still deciding whether I will continue to keep this account private or whether I will switch it back to public.

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Create great instagram captions

Create great Instagram captions

How to create great Instagram captions

Although Instagram is an image led platform, it is still important to spend time creating great Instagram captions. Captions are also a great way to reach out to your audience and interact with them.

Tell a story – write something that leaves an impression (combine images with strong powerful words). This doesn’t have to be a long winded or protracted piece of elaborate prose. A few words or a short sentence can convey quite a lot. The captions are a great way to give your audience an insight into who you are. You can use humour, demonstrate your expertise, or even your lack of knowledge by asking for advice or feedback!

The Instagram Algorithm notices engagement on posts, so you could use your Instagram captions to encourage people to engage with your post – beyond just simply liking a post. Including questions or calls to action are a great way to elicit engagement through comments

Captions serve as another tool for creating your style or niche. Perhaps you like to share quotes, poems or song lyrics to accompany your images. This will be another way that followers can relate, connect and identify with you.

What creative ways do you find work for your Instagram captions?


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Add value to your Instagram posts

How to grow your instagram followers

How to grow your Instagram followers

One of the most commonly asked questions I receive is “how do I grow my instagram followers?”. Although there is not one straight answer to this – and a whole combination of factors come together for growth to take place, I have come up with a number of simplified strategies you can adopt for account growth. Some of these strategies are straightforward, legitimate and organic methods – others are more controversial, some frowned upon and some definitely NOT recommended. I figured I’d highlight them all, as it’s worthwhile knowing why you SHOULDN’T use them.


This is the fundamental entry level of growing your Instagram followers.

The first and most basic way to get followers is to connect with your own friends and family! Within your profile options you can see ​Follow People – there you can add friends using your other social media accounts such as Facebook or from your contacts. Hopefully, if you follow them, they will follow you back!

Then, for an optimised account you should be sharing the very best of your photos or videos. If someone clicks onto your profile the first thing they are likely to do is to browse through the first 6 – 10 of your most recent images. It is important that these photos give a great first impression or a representation of who you are and your account. You will be adding a well thought out caption and possibly a few hashtags too.


The next way that you can level up your follower growth, is to do everything you would do for ‘core‘ but then build on that. Once you have followers…and they are engaging with your account, engage with them. If you don’t interact, people will lose interest, get bored and unfollow. You can learn a lot about your audience by interacting with them. When you post photos, provided your content is good, you will likely receive comments from users who appreciate your work. You can reply to followers comments on your photos by thanking them or responding to the comments they have made. It is good insta-etiquette to respond to them too! I endeavour to acknowledge all comments made on my photos as I feel it it courteous to respond if someone has taken the time and effort to write something. It’s a great way to interact and build up your community. It shows people that you value their interest and contribution.

One basic but powerful way to interact with people, find inspiration and to gain new followers on Instagram, is to ‘like’ other users photos. Liking photos is really the fundamental interaction on Instagram. When you do like photos make sure that you are authentic with the likes you give out and avoid spamming accounts for the sake of it. Don’t like for likes sake, as you will just irritate people. Take it another step further, by commenting too!

Also, by this point you will be more focussed with your hashtags – using ones that are niche, selected for the relevancy and with the content you are posting in mind. See my Ultimate Hashtags list for photographers to up your hashtag game!


Now, perhaps you’re wanting to speed up and encourage the follower growth on your feed a bit more. So, you will already be doing everything in ‘core‘ plus adopting the strategies in ‘level up‘ and now you will start adding a bit more targeted and focussed growth strategies. This is what I refer to as fishing – you will actively go out liking and comment on photos – but in an organised and strategic way, in order to try and reel people into your feed.  You need to got out and let people know that you (and your content) exists. This is the ‘knocking on doors’ of Instagram!

Pick one of the hashtags that you use (or the geotag) and go to its feed. Select ‘recent’ and begin scrolling through the feed, liking photos as you go (but ONLY photos that you do genuinely like). When you get to about 20 photos, on the next one, leave a comment as well as liking. Make sure that the comment is genuine, sincere and shows a real interest in the content. Go back to the hashtag/geotag feed and begin the process again…liking 20 photos, then commenting on one. Repeat this for however much time you have spare. This is what I call the 20:1 approach. You can tweak the ratio to suit your available time or what works for you. By balancing out the likes v’s comments it means you are less likely to get banned for liking/commenting too fast and it gives you a rhythm to strategy.

With this method, your ‘fishing‘ will reel in people to your feed, primarily from your comments, but also through the likes. If you do this regularly, you will see a steady growth on your feed.


After you have implemented ‘core‘, ‘level up‘ and ‘fishing‘, there are very few ‘organic’ ways for you to grow your Instagram following. Two years ago, these three methods alone would have been enough to generate rapid growth. This is how I managed to get my feed to around the 10-12k mark. Sadly, now that Instagram have introduced the algorithm, it is much more difficult to get the same levels of organic growth. This is where pods (engagement groups) can come in.

A pod (engagement group) is a way to ‘hack’ the instagram algorithm. It is a group of Instagrammers (preferably of the same niche) who will collaborate to ensure that as a member posts, their post is getting an influx of likes, comments, saves and even shares. They are usually set up in a messaging software (Whatsapp, Messenger, Slack, Telegram etc) or within Instagrams own direct messaging, where members will announce when they have uploaded a new post. The idea being, that all the members of that group will then go and visit the post to like & comment on it ASAP, after it’s first posted. The reason this is important, is because the algorithm looks at the response the post gets within the first hour – before deciding whether to push it to a broader audience.
Pods are frowned upon sometimes because they can be seen as manipulative, false and cheating. If a pod is well set up – built upon a community of like-minded, supportive and genuine members they can work well. Sadly, many pods are just a load of instagrammers thrown together. This means someone who is a portrait photographer, could be engaging with a dog groomer or cake baker. In a set up like this, over time the interest will fade (unless the portrait photographer happens to be a dog loving, cake eater)!


This is a controversial, often frowned upon and dubious strategy. The basic principle of this is that you bulk follow a load of Instagram accounts, then shortly (24 – 48hrs) after, you unfollow them. Hopefully within that time period some of those accounts would have followed you. So your followers growing, but your following doesn’t. There are many issues with this – firstly, you risk getting your account banned. There are limits on the amount of accounts you can follow in a day. If the bots pick up that you are a serial follower, you do risk your account being banned and locked out. Notwithstanding the fact, that it blooming well annoys people when they see that someone has follow/unfollowed them!


This is a big no-no! I’m only adding it here as a word of caution and for readers to get an understanding of the lengths people will go to for the sake of ‘popularity’. ‘Big Spender‘ is when people buy followers. When you buy followers, you are often getting fake/spam accounts – they won’t be people that will engage on your feed. This will then become evident on your posts. I have seen accounts that have 50,000 followers, but only get 200 or so likes on a post. This is an obvious sign that they have bought followers. Also when followers are bought, the account growth will happen rapidly over a short space of time (a couple days), where as genuine growth is steady and gradual.

With all of the strategies you adopt, you are looking for QUALITY over QUANTITY. This is why Follow/Unfollow and Big Spender are not wise strategic moves in your growth plan!

A wise Instagrammer once said “Followers is vanity, engagement is sanity”!




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Using Instagram highlights

Using Instagram Highlights

Discover how to effectively use Instagram Highlights to optimise your profile.

Instagram Highlights Instagram Highlights

Instagram’s highlights feature allows you to add any Instagram story to your profile page in the form of categorised ‘stories’ – including stories that you have previously posted (and are stored in your archive). You can customise your highlights with titles and images. It provides a perfect opportunity to add to the aesthetics of your profile and as an additional avenue to push content to your audience.

Instagram explain how to add a story to your highlights:

How do I add a story to my Highlights?

You can add stories to appear on your profile as highlights, even after they disappear. They appear below your profile photo and above your feed.

To add a story to a highlight:

  1. Go to your profile and tap Story Highights below your username and bio.
  2. Tap .
  3. Tap to select the story or stories you want to add to highlights, then tap Next.
  4. Choose a cover photo and enter a story name for your highlight, then tap Add (iPhone) or Done(Android). You can add more photos or videos to your highlight at any time by tapping Edit Highlight.

Note: Stories you add as highlights remain visible as highlights until you remove them, even after the original story has disappeared. Keep in mind that those you’ve allowed to see your story can also see your highlights.

Instagram Highlights Top Tips

  1. You can add multiple stories images and videos to your highlights. The maximum you can have is 100 (then the oldest one will be deleted).
  2. When you add a new story to the highlights, it will bump that highlight to the front.
  3. If you have an image as your highlights cover, you can drag, zoom and reposition the image so that it is central. Any videos as a cover will show the first frame.
  4. You can have up to 15 characters in the title of your highlight – but bear in mind only the first 10 will show.
  5. You can add emojis to the titles of your stories – these are included in the character count.
  6. If you would like to create some interesting icons/graphics for your story, apps like Easil have done most of the leg work for you with their pre-made templates!
  7. You can delete a post from a highlight by selecting the highlight – scroll through to the story you want to delete. Tap the three-dots at the bottom right of the story. From there you can choose ‘Remove from Highlight’ to delete it.
  8. Instagram only displays the first 4 highlights across your profile (users will have to scroll to see the rest, so keep your important ones at the front by adding fresh content.
  9. You can add a story to multiple highlights, which is useful if it fits more than one category.

How are you using Instagram highlights? Have you found another tool for creating icons? What categories do you have for your highlights?

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How often should you post on Instagram?

How often should you post on Instagram?

How often should you post on Instagram?

There are lots of different recommendations available online for how often you should upload an Instagram post. They tend to vary between 1 to 3 posts a day, and surprisingly some experts even suggest up to 10 Instagram posts a day! According to Buffer, major brands will post 1.5 times per day on Instagram.

The truth of the matter is that there is no ‘correct’ answer to this but there has been some research carried out which will give you a rough guide.

Social Media Today notes that increasing how often you upload an Instagram post  (from 1 post a day to 3) can see a reduction in the overall engagement rates per post (but only by a few %).  However, they highlight that per day, there is a small increase overall in engagement if you post more than once.

Often the problem is that you may not have enough content to post more frequently that one post per day. Should you be in a position that you can deliver bunches of amazing pictures, or have access to really strong content to post, then it would seem that posting more frequently could have a small benefit on your overall engagement. As an example of when multiple posts per day works, many hubs will share several images per day. On @loveforsomerset we post once in the morning and once in the evening. By posting at two different intervals in the day you are potentially targeting different users who are active at different points in the day – but also reaching out to users in different time zones.

You could test out frequency of posts over a couple of weeks and see what happens. Look at your day by day engagement with multiple posts per day, versus only one post per day and see how it compares.

Have you tried this? What was the outcome?

Instagram Stories design tools & apps

Instagram stories design tools and apps.


Are you looking for some creative ways to take your Instagram Stories to  the next level? Whether you’re after typography, videos, collages, animations or layouts,  there is a whole array of apps and tools available to help you release your creative juices!

In this article you will discover a large selection of apps that you are useful for designing instagram stories in the 9:16 ratio.


If you want to add typography and music to your Instagram stories then Hype Type is what you’re looking for. Hype Type is an IOS app that lets you Hype your Stories with automatically styled and designed motion typography.


Typorama is super easy to use even if you have zero design skills. Saves you tons of work by automatically creating complex design layouts“. This app enables you to quickly add attention-grabbing text to photos for your Instagram stories, with over 40 different typographic styles. Users can choose from professional photo filters, overlays and adjustment tools to polish your photo backgrounds.


“Diptic for iPhone and iPad makes it fun and easy to create collages and slideshows. Use Diptic to create before and after sequences, juxtapose contrasting images or create a photographic series.

Start with one of 179 layouts and then select your photos. Position your photos and customize the inner frame lines using joints or the frame slider. You can apply a filter, add text, and adjust border color, texture, width and curvature.”


Canva has a web platform as well as apps which allow you to easily create beautiful Instagram stories as well as other designs and documents

“Use Canva’s drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts to design consistently stunning graphics.”


An iOS app for making Instagram Stories longer than 15 seconds.

Storeo slices a video into 15 sec slices for uploading to Instagram Stories. Viewers then see one long video.

Start the app and record. Once you’ve finished, you stop recording and Storeo will slice up the video into neat little 15-second clips ready for Instagram stories.


Quik is a GoPro app that allows you to create videos for your Instagram stories with built in templates and music.

You can create beautiful videos with just a few taps.


This is an advanced IOS app for creating graphics with text – perfect for Instagram stories. “With Over, choose from millions of templates, graphics, and fonts to overlay, add and edit text and design photos to boost your social media profile.


Adobe Spark is a free online and mobile graphic design app. Easily create beautiful images, videos, and web pages that make you stand out on social. You can add animated elements such as text which will make your Instagram stories stand out. Adobe Spark has lots of free templates and design layouts to choose from.


“Add multi collage transitions, personal watermark, branded logo and music to drive more engagement. Create perfect movies for Instagram stories using 9:16 frame ratio and speed up, slow down and reverse videos for entertaining videos. Don’t have time to edit? No worries, use the automated slideshow feature and create a movie in seconds!”


Snow is an IOS and Android app that allows you to add cool effects to your videos for use on Instagram stories.


This is a video editing tool perfect for use on Instagram stories.
Discover how easy it is to get creative with video! Whether you want to make artistic Hollywood-level films or simply share memories and moments with friends, Videoleap is a breakthrough video editor just for you. Pros will take advantage of powerful high-end editing features while amateurs will have fun cutting and combining clips simply, intuitively and on-the-go.


Create Instagram stories with multiple pages and a variety of layouts. Unfold is a toolkit for storytellers. Create beautiful and engaging stories with minimal and elegant templates. You can add videos and photos on the same layout.


Have you found a useful app for Instagram stories that I have not listed here? Let me know in the comments.

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