Why Cambodia?

On the 18th October, I begin my journey to Cambodia and I thought it would be useful to explain what has led me to this point.

Back in July 2014 my daughter (Lois, aged 15) went on a trip with her school to Swaziland with an organisation called World Challenge, for which she had to raise £2200 for. I was incredibly envious, but proud and wish I’d had a similar opportunity whilst I was in school. Two years later, whilst at college, Lois was presented with the opportunity of travelling to Uganda with the charity Edukid. She jumped at the chance. Again, I reflected on what a wonderful opportunity it was and I did explore the possibility of me going too, but work commitments meant it wasn’t possible.

In 2017 I changed jobs and I heard that Edukid were arranging a trip to Cambodia in October 2017. I made contact with Chris who runs the charity and after meeting him I decided this was definitely something I wanted to do, so signed up that day.

Who are Edukid?

Edukid is a Christian UK registered charity that helps children living in poverty and conflict have an education.

In the territories we support Edukid avoids imposing ‘western ideals’ by partnering with local people and organisations, helping them to develop projects born out of their deeper cultural understanding of what is needed and likely to be effective.

Many of these local partners are themselves living in poverty so Edukid acts responsibly and ethically in the way it financially supports their efforts.

Many former students from our scholarship programmes are now ‘giving back’ by helping Edukid.
SOURCE: http://www.edukid.org.uk/about-us/

Having worked within education and with children for over 10 years, the work Edukid does is something I am really passionate about. One other thing that appealed to me about Edukid is the work that they do with schools in the UK. They run a National Schools Programme where they link children from their projects in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, with schools in the UK. This enables the schools to build relationships with the children that they support.

Watch this video to see what Edukid does in Cambodia



Even though I’ve reached my individual fundraising target, you can still donate to my fundraising and the money will go directly to Edukid: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/kistography

My first 4 days of travel will be independent, where I will get to explore some of the Country myself (based in Siem Reap), before joining up with the rest of the Edukid participants on Sunday 22nd October. 

Watch this space as I hope to post regular updates whilst I’m travelling.

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